Cloud Computing

With the power of the cloud and the increase in Internet speeds companies are moving servers offsite to datacenters or having cloud servers managed by qualified hosting companies like Unetek. True cloud computing secures your environment and not share resources with non-business related traffic.

Unetek provides first class cloud computing for:

Cloud Computing allows your company to highly customize your business collaboration and allows remote access to your files and programs.

Check your ROI by allowing us to handle your hardware costs, hosted costs, patches and support costs for  your applications.

Cloud Computing
"We have been a very happy client of Unetek's for over 15 years. They have watched us grow our company, and have been there at our side guiding us through our IT decisions. Whether the need has been hardware, software or networking solutions, their expertise and service has been unparalleled. Their entire staff (both inside and outside) are courteous, knowledgeable and professional. Each of their staff has complete knowledge of our hardware and networks, which makes it very efficient when trouble shooting any arising issues. We remain a very satisfied customer, and highly recommend this company."
Christopher A. Viviano
Houston Capital Mortgage